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Ijen Cliff

yet another friendly hospitalized hotel rooms ready to accommodate you during your stay in Ijen area as well as Baluran national park..If you wish to find the very comfort and quite stay in Ijen area with international standart stay and full warm hospitality staffs, before or after climbing the Crater lake of ijen and baluran reserved ,just contact us for this purpose




For all your transportations need both for business and pleasure,just contact us and We will send you the brand new vehicle to pick you up either in the airport,your hotel train station or the sea harbour.all our cars are only operated by friendly drivers with absolutely valid driving licence in their hand.For further contact,click here








Ijen crater has been famous for many years for its beauty and fresh air mountain resort.Ijen is also a very fertile area with a lot of farming products where the local people earn a lot from variety plantations of Coffee,Clove,Cinamon, Sugar Cane.
From the Dutch time, Ijen has also been famous for the sulphur mine which is needed by some chemist and cosmetic factory.
Both Robusta and Arabica coffee can be found either in the government or private owned plantation firmas.
Ijen national park which is managed by the local department of Forestry offers the memorable experience for all visitors wish to visit this park.
An easy step to climb the mount from the elevation of 1.800 m up to 2.388 m can be arranged either in group or private.
You will see some species which some of them can be only found in this area,such as Javanese Eagle , Javanese Bull , Deers as well as the long tail monkey ( MACACA FASCICULARIS ) and the black monkey.

Tour  A : Ijen crater climb ( half day )
Right after breakfast,we will transfer you to Pal Tuding where you can prepare yourself to climb this mount.A challenging walk ( soft trekking ) of 3 km is needed to reach the active crater on top of the Ijen Crater.When the sun shines,the magnificent colourful crater lake can be enjoyed with the specific smell of natural sulphur from its mine.Hunderds of Mine Workers will pass you along the walk , They will carry down  from 60 – 90 kg sulphur  to the sulphur station to get them measured before being transferred to the sulphur factories.
Back to the base for some refreshment,then we will show you the plantation of Coffee and cloves as well as the working farmers in their ricefields.
Return to the hotel for relax and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of our negihbourhood.

Tour B : Farming Tour ( half day ).
In the early morning, we will pick you up,and direct transfer you to the nearest ricefields in the area , to let you join with our local farmers how to either plant the rice or just help them with their harvest.The experience to work with the Buffalos will be an unforgettable moment in your life.
Further . we will also show you our friendly school children , and before going to the hotel,a visit to the local village with the activity of the farmers who are ready to show you how they make the palm sugar.

Tour C : Mountain Old Fashion Railway Tour
the inheritance of the colonial Dutch time , the very legendary Trans Java Railway , which was built in the middle of 1800 , can be enjoyed for all of our travellers , with definitely official permit from the local head master of the state railway station in Kalibaru . The commercial both for the cargo and passangers train will pass only before at 07.00 am or after at 13.00 , so between 08.00 am - 12.45 am , the line will be very safe to be occupied by this PRIVATE OLD FASHION LOCOMOTIVE Tour.
The ride by using this train , will start from the station of Kalibaru , then passing 18 old Dutch Bridges , along the road , some bridges with very deep valley view , connect between 2 huge mountains , finally , we will bring you inside the Dutch tunnel of 700 ( seven hunderds ) metres in the dark , very amusing.after this very rare experience , then return the same way to the station of Kalibaru.Again this Train tour is absolutely PRIVATELY designed for you , the maximum capacity of our private train is for 8 ( eight ) persons.

Tour D : Fisherman Village Sight Seeing ( half day ).
Not too far from our hotel, there is a village with a lot of fisherman , so the tour will start here to let you enjoy the fisherman activity,such as cleaning the fishes which are just caught,get them dryed , and make the local products of haring.
on the way back home, a visit to the little town , Banyuwangi with some stops such as ; The Chinese Temple and Local market selling vegetables and fruits.

Tour E : Local Village Walk
when you won`t go anywhere , and just want to stay in the area of our resort , we offer you to take a walk ( guided by our staff ) to explore the nearest village , which is called Jelun , a very short walk of more or less 1 km, then climbing down to the beautiful valley to visit the next village , a very frsh coconut , directly picked up from its tree will welcome you , before continuing to climb up to the next hill of Kayangan , to wonder the magnificent view of Ijen and Licin and their surrounding

Tour F : Coffee plantation
visit to the plantations of coffee, clove and cinamon in Kalibendo.
possibility to join the harvest ( subjest to the season )

BALURAN National park
visit the national park in Bauran, which is also called as the Africa of Java.
A lot of collections of tropical plants and animals are found in this site, such as The Javanese Bulls, Black Apes, Deers, Forest Boars,and many kinds of Birds. baluran is easily reachable by around 90 minutes driving from Ijen Cliff resort , beside visiting the forest, you can also discover the white sandy beach in this coastal line of East Java


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