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located at the altitude of 496 m above sea level, offers you a very nice mountain weather, and just 45 minutes away from the post of Pal tuding where you could start the memorable soft trekking to the colorful crater lake of Ijen vulcano ( 2.400 m above sea level ) to also possible get to know the very hard mine workers who can carry up to 95 kgs sulphur stones

Jessica Wu and group of 6 persons:
"The Chef can accommodate what We exactly want" delicious foods!
Email : jessica.wu567@gmail.com

Philip and Patricia Macarez :
"very nice views and friendly staffs"
Email : phmacarez@gmail.com

Caroline AGATI
wonderful place to stay in Ijen
Email : caroline.agati@gmail.com

Qianren and party of 4
"the most beautiful room I ever have!"
Email : zheng.qianren@gmail.com

Lee Quozhang of Singapore
" excellent accommodation "
Email : lguozhang@hotmail.com

ms Lang Wong
very w o w Place !
Email : 2awylaries@gmail.com

Hans De Boko
"a good alternative to stay, in limited choices in this area, Ijen cliff resort gives us more options to accommodate our clients"
the director of Java Voyage

Natz Crane : " very amazing place"

Oudier : " wonderful villa to stay "

Daniel Reymond : " non comparable accommodation in Ijen Crater area "



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